Extension method for DateTime in CRM 2016 to get CRM User TimeZone

/// <summary>
/// Extension method for universal date time zone it will need organization service and input
/// </summary>
/// <param name="coordinatedUniversalTime">Coordinated Universal Time</param>
/// <param name="service">organization service</param>
/// <returns>local user date time </returns>
public static DateTime LocalDateTime(this DateTime coordinatedUniversalTime, IOrganizationService service)
int timeZoneCode = -1;
var currentUserSettings = service.RetrieveMultiple(
new QueryExpression("usersettings")
ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("timezonecode"),
Criteria = new FilterExpression
Conditions =
new ConditionExpression("systemuserid", ConditionOperator.EqualUserId)

if (currentUserSettings.HasRecords())
if (currentUserSettings.Entities[0].Attributes["timezonecode"] != null)
timeZoneCode = (int)currentUserSettings.Entities[0].Attributes["timezonecode"];

var request = new LocalTimeFromUtcTimeRequest
TimeZoneCode = timeZoneCode,
UtcTime = coordinatedUniversalTime.ToUniversalTime()

var response = (LocalTimeFromUtcTimeResponse)service.Execute(request);
return response.LocalTime;

return coordinatedUniversalTime;

————————--How to use this-—————————


in need you can use

string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, “{0:yyy MM dd}”, DateTime.UtcNow.LocalDateTime(this.OrgService)


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